Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Much they hated

My cousin Ami sat down one day and told me i rather have my head on my shoulders and think straight that i d never make it in the music industry....My cousin Biram also told me i would never do it that i should rather concentrate on making animations, that that's where i ll make a lil mark....hahahaha.....My cousin Thessa said Rap is a phase in my life that when am 25 years it'll pass and i would move on to something more intellectual and more profitable....What do i say to them? Fuck them till i die motherfucking bitchasses....#FRD

#Lele With KnF

Went to Nzelezu last 5 months man to shoot this mad fucking video...3-4 people in the world know i shot this ten thousand ghana cedis video in a super far place after Takoradi...Took us 7 hours to get there and we went there three times to finish the whole video....Was real complex but we made it now BQ editing it but just heard his Screen had a problem tho...Hope he gets that shit repaired...But the plan is gettin prepared, we gonna leave a mark with this shit. #Lele #Knf

Made the Lit Darkness Mixtape Tracklist

Done the whole tracklist of the mixtape and no one knows what am doing apart from Ety mounombi and my babe Amanda.....Secretive as hell...Since no one reads this blog...yet!! Hehe...

TnB Voice Girls

Recorded Tara and Bella yesterday.
They needed a track for their Dad and i had to come up with a danceable beat.
That shit wasn't easy man but i pulled it through.
They giving it to him today.
But damn these girls can sing especially Bella....